One particular of the most acknowledged names in diamonds, Tiffany & Co., unveiled their latest Substantial Jewelry creations, and Only Pure Diamonds spoke with Tiffany’s Chief Gemologist, Victoria Reynolds, in an exclusive interview about some of the most amazing pieces from the new assortment. 

The jewelry is the 3rd and remaining expression of BOTANICA: Blue E book 2022. BOTANICA launched in three waves starting in Spring 2022, with the next this Summer season, all with floral-inspired types from The Tiffany Archives as effectively as Jean Schlumberger masterpieces. The items reimagine floral motifs that have prolonged been a aspect of Tiffany’s heritage, but for a new era. Wisteria, magnolia, and orchid are inspirations for the floral styles, and we discovered why orchid was amongst the most technically challenging to provide to lifetime.  

Nature has extensive been an inspiration for jewellery style. Precious metals and normal diamonds are from the earth, so what much better to use as style and design inspiration than flowers? Reynolds points out, “Re-envisioning character is a thing that has been deeply ingrained in Tiffany’s heritage and identity from the commencing of our virtually two-century history. In building the BOTANICA assortment, we realized it was critical to uncover the right balance in between honoring our heritage and keeping a feeling of modernity. We had been capable to realize this by reimagining some of our most vital floral themes that our designers have dreamt up over numerous many years.

We’ve revisited motifs from our heritage. Anything from orchid brooches and Louis Convenience Tiffany’s dandelion hair ornaments to wisteria glass lampshades re-arise as impressive and transformable jewels. Moreover, Jean Schlumberger’s floral themes are uplifted with exclusive gemstone combinations, giving new existence to his most extraordinary creations. 

A floral layout and a style influenced by florals are two extremely various article content. A floral style and design is a significantly more literal interpretation right resembling the flower, even though a design motivated by florals, if performed very well, captures the essence of the flower without the need of straight resembling it. Tiffany’s new creations supply quite a few aha times, as you proceed to appear, every single piece’s inspiration comes to you. In accordance to Reynolds, “Honoring the botanical splendor and natural curves of an orchid flower, our designers and master craftspeople collaborated to re-imagine the flower’s distinctive profile. This theme’s intriguing silhouettes and rhythmic pattern of diamonds modernize the orchid motif whilst honoring its importance to our heritage, building the two indelibly intertwined.”

Possibly the sexiest flower in mother nature, the orchid is the fantastic muse for fantastic diamond jewellery. “This theme highlights an orchid’s most one of a kind element: its fluid curves. Tiffany & Co. artisans captured the sensual, organic curves nevertheless exceptional symmetry elevating its stylish silhouette.” 

The Orchid Curve sub-collection is a study of the sensual, natural and organic sorts and the special symmetry of an orchid’s petals.
orchid curve tiffany and co botanica high jewelry
The Orchid Curve necklace is a pendant in platinum with an unenhanced sapphire of over 38 carats and diamonds. It is transformable into two appears to be and can be a diamond necklace with a sapphire pendant and a diamond necklace with no a pendant.

Diamond Superior Jewellery is frequently an investment as very well as a piece of art. Parts like these frequently show up at auction a long time later on, with sale costs dwarfing their authentic purchase price tag. This can signify that these amazing items sit in a vault unseen by the world having said that, Tiffany needs you to use them. Reynolds states, “The potential to don a style various ways—such as our Orchid Curve necklaces from the BOTANICA: Blue Ebook 2022 collection—adds versatility, desirability, and, of training course, wearability to these excellent parts.”

The rarity and value of the diamonds and the attractiveness of the style are normally what put a person in awe of Higher Jewelry of this caliber. Nevertheless, the complexity of crafting numerous of the pieces, if recognized, is awe-inspiring on its own. Reynolds explains, “The Orchid Curve necklace is 1 of the most remarkable layouts of the BOTANICA: Blue E book 2022 collection. The system of handcrafting it was potentially the most technically tough, on the other hand, and the result is an extremely impressive function of art. This necklace is sculptural with its organic and natural curves and clean folds. As a necklace, it requires to have overall flexibility and movement it wants to be the two stunning and relaxed. We achieved this by personalized-reducing hundreds of diamonds to healthy each and every environment. Every diamond has its very own movement, and the artisan need to conceal the mechanisms that aid the natural and organic movement of the diamonds.”

tiffany and co botanica high jewelry
The earrings are established in platinum with pear-shaped diamonds of over 3 total carats and baguette and spherical outstanding diamonds of above 2 carats.
tiffany and co botanica high jewelry

The designation of “High Jewelry” is reserved for the most effective of the finest in conditions of design, rarity, workmanship, and value. The pure origin of diamonds and gemstones is vital for jewelry to have rarity and at any time be regarded Large Jewelry. Reynolds suggests, “Sourcing gemstones for our collections is a quest to uncover the rarest, most wonderful, and strange gemstones in the environment. My group and I journey extensively in research of these miracles of nature, and every single single diamond and colored gemstone is picked by hand. As we searched for the great coloured gemstone for the Orchid Curve necklace, we were fortunate to locate a scarce unenhanced sapphire of substantial dimension with exceptional color and clarity. Its magnificence cannot be overstated.”