Poonam Soni is recognised for her trailblazing jewelry style and design that has established trends within the Indian jewellery business

Now, the complete planet is focusing on sustaining and staying applicable and this assumed method has seeped into every single spot of our society . Curiously, jewellery also can turn out to be sustainable by revival and getting rid of the idea of hoarding and guilt. Luxurious jewellery designer Poonam Soni pioneers the one particular-of-its-kind ‘Metamorphosis’ principle for Indian locker-jewels

Recognized for her trailblazing jewelry layout that has established traits in just the Indian jewellery marketplace for above 30 many years now, luxury bespoke jewellery designer Poonam Soni is now introducing ‘Metamorphosis’, a sustainable notion under which heavy jewelry pieces, which would if not be lying unused for several years in the locker, help save for a specific occasion, are reinvented and reworked as wholly new pieces of jewelry, albeit without melting outdated parts.

The essential below is to rebuild and reconstruct the present style and design with out melting it and Poonam soni does it so uniquely that many moments buyers do not acknowledge their very own piece of jewellery. They are delighted that the psychological value and purity are retained and constantly appear back again with a lot more pieces to turn all-around.
 Having productively completed this for near shoppers for a several months now, Poonam Soni is now growing the notion to a bigger established of jewellery owners, who want their lender or dwelling locker-stored jewels refashioned and redesigned, with the rely on factor intact.
“India is a pretty jewellery-oriented place. In India, extra than anywhere in the planet, ladies thrive on genuine jewels. It is extremely therapeutic and empowering for them. Specially at weddings, the gifting approach also revolved about jewellery — close relations would reward you a chain or a gold Ginni. Persons have a large amount of jewellery lying unused in the lockers,” acknowledges Poonam Soni.

She adds: “We came up with Metamorphosis. We are not melting previous jewelry and putting its price into new jewels. As an alternative, we lower your piece, redesign it, insert stones, develop on prime of it and switch it into a wholly new custom made-made jewelry piece. This is usually useful in the circumstance of weddings, where you are not able to invest in 10 new heavy jewellery sets. Just get outdated pieces out of the locker and allow new models see the light-weight of day!”
The revamp system, currently being a get-get for the jeweler and the shopper in phrases of sustainability, cost, and have confidence in price, is also a main earn for the jewelry kaarigar or the craftsmen, as there is a lot more perform.
“When you have hoarded jewelry, there’s also a guilt factor in your coronary heart for not employing it. Transforming it aids every person,” says the worldwide designer.
‘Metamorphosis’ goes a notch higher and renews the current parts, some usually unused for a long time, with a up to date contact according to the wearer’s temperament. Getting bespoke jewellery layout to a different degree with this innovation, Poonam Soni invites owners of locker jewels to partake in metamorphosing their beloved pieces.