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  • A hack for priming oily pores and skin ahead of make-up software is heading viral on TikTok.
  • TikTok users declare calamine lotion leaves pores and skin oil absolutely free all working day.
  • We asked a dermatologist if it definitely operates and no matter if it’s secure.

The past time you assumed about calamine lotion, you were most most likely covered in itchy bug bites or a rash. The in excess of-the-counter treatment is most normally applied as a skin protectant to assistance alleviate itching and distress triggered by discomfort, but according to TikTok, it has another use as — hold out for it — a make-up primer for oily skin.

We’ve analyzed our fair share of solutions that promise to do away with oil, but calamine lotion? Though we’re nevertheless wrapping our heads all-around that just one, the hashtag #CalaminePrimer has above 4.3 million views, and countless numbers of buyers have been tests out the hack for themselves with generally constructive results.

In just one viral video clip, a TikTok user states to the digital camera, “Persons are making use of this in advance of their basis, and in essence it’s supposed to make your foundation final beautifully, and your makeup is intended to previous all working day without the need of finding oily.” In one more online video, an individual showcases how employing calamine lotion as a primer kept her makeup in location all day, even by means of an 8-hour work change.

TikTok is one particular of our favorite spots to come across magnificence tips and methods, but we observed ourselves wondering: is applying calamine lotion as primer powerful? Is it even safe? We tapped Anthony Rossi Jr, MD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Dr. Rossi Derm MD, to reply our burning concerns.


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What Will cause Oily Skin?

“Oily skin occurs when the sebaceous glands generate too much sebum,” London-based expert skin doctor Thieve Maruthappu beforehand told POPSUGAR. Other factors can have an influence on your skin’s sebum generation, like your age, exactly where you reside, and even just basic genetics. It can also be induced by applying the improper skin-treatment products for your skin style or overexfoliating your skin. Despite the fact that oily skin is entirely normal, it can generally be a nuisance that sales opportunities men and women to glimpse for items that promise to cut down the amount of oil their skin creates.

Can Calamine Lotion Assist With Oily Pores and skin?

The limited answer is of course, it can aid — but it really is not the very best option obtainable, and it might worsen some pores and skin circumstances. Calamine lotion is a topical more than-the-counter medicine that is usually applied to soothe swelling and soreness caused by pores and skin irritations. It can be most usually utilised for bug bites or stings, rashes prompted by poison ivy or poison oak, rooster pox, and even shingles.

Some of the key elements in calamine lotion are zinc oxide, iron oxide, and bentonite magma, which assistance dry out oozing skin irritants. “The oxides and the bentonite will act as an absorbent foundation, and that is why folks are working with it as a primer,” Dr. Rossi tells POPSUGAR. The exact same elements that assist dry out oozing bug bites are what draw out oils from the pores and skin and leave a clean, oil-no cost base for makeup, but it can be not a lengthy-expression option for oily pores and skin.

Likely Pitfalls of Utilizing Calamine Lotion as a Makeup Primer

When loads of TikTok buyers have showcased how utilizing calamine lotion as a make-up primer has labored for them, there are just as a lot of video clips of health professionals and dermatologists warning from it. According to Dr. Rossi, though it may possibly be tempting to use calamine lotion as a primer, it’s not great: “There are no pores and skin humectants or moisturizers formulated in it, so it would not hydrate the skin — it would only dry it out.”

Dr. Rossi provides the product could exacerbate sure skin situations like eczema, and that some formulations of calamine lotion may perhaps include liquor which could probably dry the pores and skin out even further more. Additionally, most bottles of calamine lotion include things like warnings not to use the solution for a time period longer than seven times, which means that even if you did want to check this products out as a primer, it would not be a very long-expression option for oily pores and skin.

The Ideal Way to Prep Oily Pores and skin For Makeup

While calamine lotion could possibly work as a primer in the short term, it is really not a risk-totally free response. Fairly than heading out to your regional drugstore and stocking up on the item, there are other options you can check out to enable tackle your oily skin. Start out out by introducing a encounter wash formulated for oily pores and skin into your schedule, like the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Deal with Clean for Oily Pores and skin ($16). It could also enable to use a moisturizer like the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Maintenance Matte Encounter Moisturizer For Oily Pores and skin ($20) or the Kate Somerville Oil Free of charge Moisturizer ($76).

There are also loads of mattifying makeup primers on the market that are formulated particularly for oily pores and skin, like the Jori Acne and Oil Control Primer ($70) or the Smashbox Image Finish Management Mattifying Primer ($42).