The small respond to? Hydration, hydration, hydration.

We’ve all skilled our fair share of undesirable makeup times, particularly when the seasons adjust and dry skin creeps in. To assist you steer clear of flaky, cakey, or creased make-up, we requested our resident elegance professional Bobbi Brown how to make positive our skin is primed and prepared ahead of we begin making use of. The core of her approach is maintaining your skin healthful and hydrated inside and out by ingesting a good deal of drinking water and applying the suitable moisturizer for your skin’s wants on any certain day, and she has a few critical ingredients and more guidelines to maintain in head as very well.

Go through on for Brown’s simple ideas and favored solutions for accomplishing clean make-up no issue the period. 

Katie Couric Media: Why is it critical to prep our faces for make-up software?

Bobbi Brown: Make-up seems to be ideal on healthful, well-hydrated pores and skin, and there are a few basic methods to sustain that: Use a fantastic moisturizer that performs finest for your pores and skin variety and requires, drink a lot of water, and have on sunscreen each working day.

What do you do as element of your day by day routine to hydrate your skin?

My skincare schedule is quite easy. At night time, I wash my encounter with a non-drying all-natural cleanser. My pores and skin is dry, so both a cleansing oil or a moisturizing cleanser functions finest for me. I enjoy The Cleaning Balm by Augustinus Bader simply because it is incredibly hydrating and by no means leaves your skin sensation limited or dry. I’m also obsessed with the Jones Highway Cleaning Adhere. It is a stable oil adhere — TSA-helpful! — that you just roll onto your face, and it right away removes make-up and any impurities on the pores and skin.

I then apply an eye cream and last but not least, a abundant moisturizer like Augustinus Bader’s The Wealthy Cream. It performs like an extreme overnight moisturizing mask, and I’ve seen a significant transform in my pores and skin due to the fact I started out working with it. If I’m genuinely dry, I’ll sometimes use some of The Deal with Oil from Augustinus Bader on prime of the product right before I go to mattress.

Augustinus Bader

And in the morning?

In the early morning, I splash my facial area with warm water and assess my pores and skin to decide what I require to use next. Your pores and skin adjustments daily based on elements like the weather, what you ate or drank the night time prior to, or how you slept that evening. I’ll often use an eye product to start with, and then I’ll use both a light moisturizing cream or anything richer if my skin feels genuinely dry. Last but not least, I complete my early morning skincare routine with sunscreen, which need to normally be your past phase prior to applying any make-up. My most loved is Supergoop.

What other techniques really should we acquire right before making use of make-up?

One of the finest factors you can do for your skin is to drink plenty of h2o during the working day. When your overall body is dehydrated, the first location it demonstrates up is in your confront. Ahead of I leave the residence in the early morning, I fill up a significant water bottle and get it with me everywhere I go. I truly established reminders on my Apple Watch that buzz in the course of the day — that’s how critical this is to me. You are going to see a massive variance in your skin, and you’ll come to feel far better overall.

woman putting Augustinus Bader product on her face
Augustinus Bader

What are the most common faults people today make when prepping their faces for makeup?

You really don’t want to at any time skip the sunscreen, and you want to implement it at the proper time. Sunscreen should be the very last action in your skincare regime just before you put on any make-up. This is a non-negotiable.

Do we have to have to use a primer?

If you’re employing the right moisturizer, you never will need it. Properly-hydrated pores and skin is the ideal canvas for makeup.

What results in, and how can we stay away from, makeup which is cakey or flaky, or that settles into good traces?

Flaky make-up comes about possibly when you’re utilizing a system that is much too drying for your skin or you have not correctly moisturized just before placing your makeup on. Usually apply an eye product before implementing concealer or eye shadow so the color does not crease. And hydrate your pores and skin with a superior moisturizer. If your pores and skin is normal to dry, check out the Prosperous Cream by Augustinus Bader. For a lighter alternative, the Jones Highway Light Humidity Cream is the best day to day moisturizer.

Augustinus Bader

What ingredients do you seem for in masks, cleansers, and moisturizers?

I appear for thoroughly clean formulations that soothe, hydrate, and quickly make your skin search better. Augustinus Bader’s The Prosperous Product has a thing referred to as TFC8 in it, which is a patented technologies that supports your skin’s mobile renewal by way of purely natural amino acids, large-quality natural vitamins, and synthesized molecules normally discovered in your skin. Jones Road’s skincare items incorporate critical oils and vitamin-loaded elements that moisturize the skin like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and coconut oil.

What’s your favorite pre-makeup moisturizer, and why?

It is dependent on what my skin demands that working day. If I’m pretty dry, I’ll use a rich moisturizing product like The Abundant Product for subsequent-degree hydration. On other times, I may just use a skincare hybrid product or service like Wonder Balm, a multi-function balm loaded with skincare substances that also presents the pores and skin a healthful glow.

Why is The Wealthy Cream so Unique? Why make the financial commitment?

I have been using the Augustinus Bader Loaded Cream given that I discovered it in the course of the pandemic. I observed a significant difference in my skin. It’s smoother, a lot more hydrated, and frankly just seems to be much better — with or with no make-up. It is most definitely truly worth the financial investment!