Final week, style brand name Balenciaga apologized immediately after publishing pics of their goods which integrated young children keeping teddy bears dressed in BDSM bondage gear. The images sparked a backlash across social media, statements from stars, and dozens of news posts covering the incident. But, Balenciaga’s community apology, which promised lawful motion “against the events liable for building the established,” begs the issue, who is finally responsible when a industrial shoot goes erroneous, the firm, or the photographer? On Friday, that issue was answered in portion by a lawsuit submitted by Balenciaga from the production corporation employed for the marketing campaign.

Some of the pictures were being taken by Gabriele Galimberti. The photographer’s latest series “Toy Stories” captures kids with their toys with an expression of joy that would seem to be current no make a difference what state or culture the kid in the picture is from. The Balenciaga images lay out the manufacturers products in a equivalent fashion to the toys in Galimberti’s series.

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In a assertion, the photographer stated that he was not liable for producing the set—only lights the scene and capturing the precise images. “I am not in a situation to comment on Balenciaga’s decisions, but I must pressure that I was not entitled in whatsoever method to neither selected the merchandise, nor the products, nor the combination of the exact same. As a photographer, I was only and entirely asked for to lit the presented scene, and choose the shots in accordance to my signature style. As regular for a commercial taking pictures, the route of the campaign and the option of the objects shown are not in the arms of the photographer.”

The photographer also included that the graphic that demonstrates a court docket document in similar pics is not just one that he photographed. That court document—not the teddy bears—is what is referenced in the $25 million lawsuit lawsuit submitted by Balenciaga from the creation business leading the advert marketing campaign, North 6. Balenciaga has also manufactured it very clear that it does not intend to sue the photographer, although initially the corporation did feel to lay blame on Galimberti.

A representative of the established designer informed CBS News that Balenciaga was existing for the picture shoots and the write-up creation. A professional shoot is often greatly directed by employees at the enterprise. Workers is normally involved in choosing the goods and picking a direction for the shoot. The pictures have been revealed on Balenciaga’s web page, which indicates that extra workers also saw the information of the visuals right before pushing them live.

With the number of people associated in a commercial shoot, should not one particular of them stood up and claimed, “This is not satisfactory?” Need to the photographer have refused to shoot the images soon after looking at the set and the products included? Lots of on social media expressed disgust after Balenciaga at first implied that Galimberti was accountable for the marketing campaign.

Along with the social media backlash, the controversial Balenciaga picture shoot has also direct to statements from stars, such as Kim Kardashian who claims she is re-evaluating her romance with the organization.