You stick to them for design and elegance information, fitness strategies and merely to make you smile.

They are your work out associates, stylists and pals. Influencers have been around for extra than a decade, but now we often observe their information in advance of famous people. Their relatability and transparency draw us closer to them

“This is the new enjoyment,” says LaToya Shambo, founder of influencer advertising and marketing agency Black Lady Digital. “Television set is however there, but the phone is closer.” 

“You follow men and women who are possibly these more substantial-than-life, ‘wow, which is aspirational’ varieties or the people that you feel like they are suitable there following to you going by the very same things at the exact time,” suggests New York-primarily based influencer Katy Bellotte, 27, who aims to be the latter. “I really don’t want people to ever sense like I’m much better than them.” 

More than 3 million of you voted for your favourite social media personalities in magnificence, vogue, life style and conditioning categories for USA TODAY’s American Influencer Awards.

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Listed here are the winners:


Rising Makeup Influencer 

Tenisha Billington, TikTok: @flawlessbytenisha

Emerging Hair Influencer 

Noelia Mejia, Instagram: @curlelia

Vicblends was the USA TODAY and American Influencer Award winner for Barber Influencer of the year.

Barber Influencer

TikTok: @vicblends

Imaginative Hair Colorist Influencer

Taylor Rae, Instagram: @taylorrae_hair

Jessica Scott-Santo is the USA TODAY American Influencer Award winner for Hair Colorist of the year.

Hair Colorist Influencer

Jessica Scott-Santo, Instagram: @jessicscotthair

Influencer Natural beauty Model

Henry M. Vasquez, HankandHenry, Instagram: @hankandhenrybeauty

Textured Hair Influencer

Leysa Carrillo, Instagram: @leysahairandmakeup

Tutorialist Influencer

Jose Jimenez, Instagram: @laviedunprince

Hair Influencer

Brad Mondo, TikTok: @bradmondonyc

Make-up Influencer

Angelica Torres, TikTok: @candylover89official

Nicole Weisman is a USA TODAY American Influencer Award winner for Emerging Fashion Influencer of the Year.

Rising Vogue Influencer

Nicole Weisman, Instagram: @curvestocontour

Body Positivity Influencer

Chastity Garner, Instagram: @garnerstyle

Inventive Manner Influencer

Chelsea Chelsea, TikTok: @chelseaasoflate

Fashion Craze Influencer

TikTok: @therealmustbecindy

Trend Design and style Influencer

Juliette Porter, Instagram: @julietteporter

Trixie Mattell is the USA Today American Influencer Award winner for Drag Influencer of the year.

Drag Influencer

Trixie Mattel, Instagram: @trixiemattel

De'arra Taylor is the USA TODAY American Influencer Award winner for Fashion Influencer of the year.

Vogue Influencer

De’arra Taylor, Instagram: @dearra

Rising Physical fitness

Instagram: @Iamhennessyfitness

Cassey Ho is the USA TODAY American Influencer Award Winner for Alternative Fashion Influencer of the year.

Alternative Fitness

Cassey Ho, TikTok: @blogilates

Levels of competition Influencer

Yarishna Ayala, Instagram: @Yarishna

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Health Coach

Maria Leguizamon, Instagram: @columbianmafiafit

Koya Webb is a USA TODAY American Influencer Award winner for Wellness Influencer of the Year.

Wellness Influencer

Koya Webb, Instagram: @koyawebb

Female Wellness Influencer

TikTok: @massyarias

Male Wellness Influencer

Darryl Williams, Youtube: @bullyjuice

Emerging Way of living Influencer

Lupita Espinoza, Youtube: @makeupbypita

Pair Influencer

Charles Davis and Alyssa Hyde, Instagram: @charlesandalyssa

Parenting Influencer

Crystal Pettit, Instagram: @crazypieces

Foodie Influencer

TikTok: @cookingwithlynja

Hacks and Suggestions Influencer

TikTok: @nataliesoutlet

Property Style and design Influencer

Barbara Lewis, Instagram: @theshabbytree

LGBTQIA+ Influencer

Ria Demiri, Instagram: @ria_d3miri

Tucker Budzyn is a two-time USA TODAY American Influencer Award winner

Pet Influencer

Tucker Budzyn, Instagram: @tuckerbudzyn

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The USA TODAY American Influencer Awards Produce Influencer of the year, Rosy McMichael.

Solution Evaluate Influencer

Rosy McMichael, Youtube: @rosymcmichael

Sustainability Influencer

Armen Adamjan, TikTok: @inventive_defined

The USA TODAY American Influencer Awards Travel Influencer of the Year, Garrett Gee (@thebucketlistfamily).

Travel Influencer

Garrett Gee, Instagram: @thebucketlistfamily

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Way of living Influencer

Cassidy Montalvo, @TikTok: @justclassicallycassidy

Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar are the winners for USA TODAY American Influencer Awards for podcast of the year.

Podcaster of the Calendar year

Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar for Zane and Heath: Unfiltered, Youtube: @zaneandheath

Leslie Quezada is the USA TODAY American Influencer Awards Content Creator of the Year.

Written content Creator of the Year

Leslie Quezada, TikTok: @Lesdomakeup1