A new player has entered the globe of diamond jewellery structure. In March 2022, OX Jewellery debuted as a thought manufacturer with a mission to build revolutionary however timeless diamond jewellery. OX can take a one of a kind strategy to jewelry style and design by basing all of its creations on a one design and engineering principle, a observe seldom observed in the jewelry globe. The company’s founders, Jessica and Michael, are siblings. Jessica’s diamond journey commenced younger when she labored for their Grandmother’s antique and periodic jewellery retail outlet in Los Angeles. Michael is an amusement law firm passionate about supporting creatives provide their vision to daily life. Jointly, they are constructing a brand that worries how vintage jewelry is designed and how people can wear it.

The genesis of OX is rooted in Jessica’s fascination with antique and periodic jewellery, which she attained while functioning at her Grandmother’s jewellery store. Her appreciate for quality craftsmanship and the heirloom element of fine organic diamond jewellery led her to pursue a Gemology degree from GIA and get the job done in different roles as a gemstone buyer and in jewelry creation. Jessica’s obsession with how jewelry is produced led her to make the notion that is the foundation of OX.

OX Jewelry

Jessica, being a 90s little one, states the inspiration for the design arrived from 90s skater lifestyle and the roller chains that skaters would dress in. The hourglass variety that constructs the style results in continuity and symmetry whilst enabling seamless motion in the pieces. The interlocking hyperlinks make what OX describes as ‘4D Diamond jewelry,’ The result is a fashionable get on each day dress in, basic diamond jewellery that is the two smooth, adaptable, realistic, and as opposed to any that has occur ahead of it.

Jessica showed her to start with design concepts to her brother Michael in 2016, and he straight away regarded her vision and its probable. With Michael’s help and the Trend Law Pop-up Clinic, a pro bono lawful clinic for creatives, Jessica commenced having techniques to protect her thoughts. In 2020, OX was granted utility and design patent security for the layout. At this stage, it was continue to a idea that had still to be perfected, but soon after the patent was granted, the real get the job done commenced. 

OX Jewellery

To develop a legitimate heirloom, Jessica used the future two several years perfecting the producing of the structure, clasp, and movement. Meanwhile, with each other with Michael, they ended up chaotic building and producing the OX model. Michael arrived up with the name OX, a subtle nod to the layout mainly because when it faces up, it is an “O,” but from the aspect, the hourglass type is an “X.” In accordance to Jessica, “The phrase OX also aligned with an overarching theory of our brand name – duality in harmony. We really like the idea of opposites flowing alongside one another like Yin and Yang. Vintage vs . punk, day to night time, genderless. It is neither this nor that, but both of those. It is both of those O, comfortable and fluid, and X, rigid and hard.” 

The brand’s method to design and style is rooted in the idea of playful innovation. Even though what they generate is hugely engineered on a technical amount, it’s also about making a thing entertaining, playful, and flirty. The motion of the items is innovative, but its tactile mother nature is also hot. “It’s nevertheless quite a great deal about sensuality and 2nd pores and skin. Something so tactile, it arrives alive only on you,” Jessica clarifies. The brand’s debut video thought is a great case in point of this technique, where by diamonds are paired with greasy pizza, resulting in paradoxical, cheeky, and sexy imagery. Jessica claims, “diamonds are not just for a gala but also the ease and comfort of your home,” an plan that shines via the brand name imagery. OX carries on to develop considered-provoking imagery with their latest shoot by photographer Leo Bieber where by jewelry is intertwined with a genuine octopus. It is very appreciate-it-or-hate-it innovative, but, in accordance to Jessica, “It leaves an perception, and that is anything essential to us.”

OX Jewelry

OX Jewelry is a thought assortment that claims to release items that continually excite by way of innovation. They debuted with the ring and bracelet and, most recently introduced the earrings. The earring, for instance, is a basic dangle or edgy hoop. The 2in1 function is new, but the jewellery by itself is timeless. Jessica says. “we want to broaden on what is acquainted and make it new.” 

In accordance to Jessica, “It all comes back to my Grandmother, whom I first figured out about jewelry at her antique retail store. She would say, “Speak to your jewelry. Go on, converse to them, and tell them how gorgeous and distinctive they are.” Her voice is in every piece of OX because choosing to wear OX is creating it arrive alive as you dress in it.”