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In a fashion landscape that has been consistently more individualistic during recent years, it’s no wonder a demand for initial jewelry is on the rise. Of course, trend cycles will always exist and fads will come and go, but the emphasis on developing your own personal sense of style has never been stronger than it is today, at least in modern memory. So, even though necklaces that feature the first letter of your name (or someone you love) are currently trending, the variety within that space is vast and diverse in terms of aesthetic, material and of most importantly…price.

Many of the more affordable jewelry options are made of plated metals, while the premium items are created from pure golds. From the most sophisticated minimal designs to bold unexpected combinations, there’s a genre of jewelry for a whole host of personal tastes within these two sides of the budget spectrum. And what’s more, they’re from your favorite stores that offer fast shipping, with many having in-stock options for you to buy online and pick up in store in time to wrap. Ahead, a list of the 25 best initial necklaces for reflecting your own unique sartorial choices. You’ll want to zip through this round up like you’re going through the alphabet, because these styles are on many wish lists!

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Best Initial Necklaces

1. 14K Gold Plated Initial Charm Heart Choker Pendant Necklace, $12.99 at Walmart